Our mission

Our mission is to become the world’s largest internet platform for:
Luxury Lifestyle, Luxury Cars, Luxury Yachts, Luxury Airplaines,
Luxury Properties & Luxury Vacation,

Luxury Fashion, Diamonds, Fine Jewelry & Watches,
Luxury Goods, Luxury Foods, Wine & Spirit and Luxury Services.

To build this global network of luxury products and services,
we have developed the unique platform http://LuxusXXL.com
with our own infrastructure to support each step of this e-commerce model.
This gives us a competitive advantage, flexibility and speed to the luxury market.

We cooperate within a network of luxury companies
to share the best products across our network

that meet customers’ needs and lifestyle.

We believe the Internet is going further and faster into daily life than anyone imagined.
Our goal is to capture the largest possible share of consumer online spending in the Luxury Markets.

We help people use their smart phones, tablets or laptops to get what they need,
any place, any time, offering world-class user experience in all our virtual markets.

The luxury sector is also shifting away from geographic markets
to a more consumer-oriented perspective,
given that people increasingly buy luxury goods online.

This shift has large implications for luxury brands,
which must now think about product offerings from a global perspective,
instead of fitting them into neat categories that adhere to seasonal and national boundaries.

LuxusXXL.com is developing a network of narrowly-targeted online communities
designed to attract people who share a common Luxury Lifestyle Passion,
and enable them to share and explore that passion with other like-minded people.

Our mission at LuxusXXL.com is to become the leading developer of these online Luxury Lifestyle Communities,
like Luxury Lifestyle, Luxury Cars, Luxury Yachts, Luxury Airplanes, Luxury Properties & Luxury Vacation,
Luxury Fashion, Diamonds, Fine Jewelry & Watches, Luxury Goods, Luxury Foods, Wine & Spirit and Luxury Services

Each community’s topical focus will promote a strong sense of affiliation between members.
And, of course, each site will offer an online store stocked with a great selection of products relevant to each community.

While members of one community may have little in common with members of another,
the entire LuxusXXL.com network is tied together with a common passion for Luxury Lifestyle.

So if you have the Luxury Lifestyle Passion and you would like to promote an article or comment,
or you have an idea for a community, we’d like to hear from you.


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  1. It’s easily the best luxus blog, if you ask me.